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#65- What Are Some Surprisingly Honest Benefits Of A Substance Abuse Intervention?

How often do family members deal with a drunk relative during the holidays? Amidst the glitter, the glamor, and the fun of the holidays, it can be frustrating to deal with family members who drink or misuse substances. These situations can be funny or horrific, depending on the outcome, but as a family member, you don’t have to suffer alone. For today’s episode, Chris and Danny talk about the difference between how a family would respond to an accident if it was alcohol or drug induced versus if it’s not. The family would be much more likely to minimize and shake off the incident if it was drug or alcohol related. This is especially true during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. These situations can be a very painful thing for the family to address. Chris and Danny also highlight the importance of having resources and help available during the family’s trying times. They also discussed how families can be affected by these events, and how thankful they are when everyone is safe. Links and Resources from this Episode https://whyintervention.com/ https://twitter.com/whyintervention https://www.facebook.com/whyintervention/?ref=br_rs Highlights Alcohol during the holidays The dangers of alcohol during the holiday season Impact on relationships Benefits of intervention Recalling a personal story: Son carries father The difference between getting sober and staying sober. Providing intervention The dangers of waiting too long to seek help for a loved one Possibility of a marriage ending in divorce post-intervention Impact of divorce on treatment Enabling of others The process of change through intervention Intervention tactics: The right way to talk to your loved one The possible dangers of self-medication Calling an intervention specialist Call to Action Schedule a Call Free Resources Review, Subscribe and Share If you like what you hear please leave a review by clicking here Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you get the latest episodes. Subscribe with Apple Podcasts Follow on Spotify Subscribe with Stitcher Subscribe with RSS


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