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Addiction Can Happen To Anyone

One in eight people have an addiction to drugs and alcohol

One in three families are impacted by addiction 

On average, families wait 7 years before getting help

8 Mistakes You Make When Your Loved One Has An Addiction

If all you do is stop making these 8 mistakes, you increase your chances of your loved one getting help.

You know something's wrong...

Is it addiction? You're not sure.

You're not sure what to do.

You're not even sure IF there's anything you can do.

You're being lied to and treated like the enemy. You feel alone, like no one knows what you're going through. You're walking on eggshells. You feel stuck, guilty, angry, and embarrassed. You wonder if this is your fault. You’re afraid something terrible is going to happen. Everything you’ve tried so far hasn’t worked. When you look for help, you’re told...

They have to want it. They have to be ready.

They have to hit bottom. 

You can’t fix this for them.

Just let go. Keep the focus on yourself.

Put your oxygen mask on first.

There’s nothing you can do!!


People will tell you there's nothing you can do- like that's helpful.


They're wrong...






3 Different Ways You Can Intervene

The Debbie Method

The unique 1:1 plan for getting your loved one sober

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The Family Meeting

A less formal, well planned chat without the ultimatums

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A Professional Intervention

The signature, "You're Getting Help Today" plan that really works 

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"To live through an impossible situation, you don't need the muscles of a Hercules, the reflexes of a grand prix driver, or the mind of an Einstein... You simply need to know what to do."

-Anthony Greenbeck, from "The Book Of Survival."

Christopher Doyle is the founder of Why Intervention. He's a professional interventionist and substance abuse counselor with 13 years of sobriety. Chris has used his experience and expertise to convince hundreds of people to accept help for addiction. 

What People Are Saying


Family members were somewhat divided on how to talk with our relative; some were of the “tough love” approach, others more committed to compassion and empathy. Chris explained how to speak the truth but always coming from a position of love. The family unified because of his experience and unwavering commitment to his belief in the empathy model. 


What surprised me the most was that his method worked. My nephew is on his way to one year of sobriety this July! Working with Chris was easy - because of his calm, cool, authoritative demeanor. He instilled confidence in all of our family intervention participants. He prepped us all - we were prepared for everything & anything. 


"Chris - was superb- really understood what was going to happen -has a great deal of information for family members-was really helpful. He explained everything with great detail about what we should expect and how to go about everything which was very helpful." 


"The addiction was spiraling out of control and the outcome was not going to be good had it continued any longer. My dad is getting help right now that he wouldn’t of been had we not had the intervention."


"I can't speak highly enough of what you do and of Why Intervention. If you're looking for somebody that's going to know what they're doing in terms of an intervention or in terms of recovery, Chris is the right guy to ask. I can't endorse you enough."

Are You Stressed, Worried or Concerned?

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You Shouldn't Have To Worry Every Night.


You shouldn't...

  • Be treated like you're the enemy and have to walk on eggshells.
  • Make yourself responsible or think that this is your fault.
  • Doubt if there's anything you can do to help.
  • Feel lost and confused when you look for answers.
  • Have to settle for this being hopeless.

Unfortunately, there’s a staggering amount of misinformation about addiction.

There's widespread cluelessness about what you can do to help.

Even most doctors, counselors and therapists get it wrong.

Finally the day comes when you’re brave enough to ask...

"Is there anything I can do to help My son? My daughter? My husband?

And you’re told...

  • They have to want it. 
  • They have to be ready. 
  • They have to hit bottom. 
  • You need to let go. 
  • Put your oxygen mask on first. 


Can you think of anything dumber to say to a desperate family member who already feels helpless?

I can't.

Yet, these are the traditional responses you'll receive when you ask for help.

It's heartbreaking.

People will flat out tell you that there's nothing you can do- like that's helpful. 

As a substance abuse counselor and Interventionist- who grew up around addiction, suffered through it, recovered from it, and works with others to fight it everyday...

Here's what you need to know about addiction in a nutshell.

People with addictions die believing they can stop whenever they want to. 

They die believing they don't have a problem. 

They die believing they don't need any help. 

They die believing they can do it on their own.


The Truth: People with addictions...

  • Can't stop whenever they want to. 
  • Do have a problem. 
  • Do NEED help. 
  • Can't do it alone.


You putting your oxygen mask on first doesn't do anything about the plane you're on going down.

Loving someone with an addiction is hard. "Letting go" is a luxury most families don't have.

Hitting bottom? Honestly, how many more bottoms do you have to see them hit? Addiction is defined by continuing to use despite negative consequences. Your loved one will keep going, make excuses, act like it didn't happen, and shake it off. 

Until one day- the bottom equals dead.

Today can be the day it all comes to an end. 


There Is Something You Can Do.


Start by speaking with someone who knows about addiction. Specifically, an expert who knows HOW to intervene on behalf of you and your family.

An intervention is an effective, evidence based way to help someone who doesn't want help but needs it.

How effective? Interventions led by a professional work 90% of the time.

And what you may not know is that you have options! There's more than one way to intervene. You get to decide the best approach that’s right for you.

It's so simple, it’s sad more people don’t know about this. Once you discover how to have a more effective conversation, your loved one will get help. 

Today can be the day it all comes to an end.

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