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#64- 4 Horrible Obstacles That Can Ruin a Substance Abuse Intervention

January is often a time when people realize they need help with their addicted loved ones, and we encourage anyone in need of assistance to reach out for help. For today’s episode, Chris and Danny discuss the importance of raising awareness about interventions, especially during the busy holiday season. They note that addiction is a progressive disease, and that holding off on treatment can be dangerous. They talk about interventions as a possible solution for families struggling with addiction, and emphasize that it is important to seek help as soon as possible. Chris and Danny also mentioned the benefits of having a professional interventionist involved when a family is trying to help a loved one with addiction problems. It can be overwhelming for a family to try to coordinate everything on their own, and having someone with experience can make a big difference. Links and Resources from this Episode https://whyintervention.com/ https://twitter.com/whyintervention https://www.facebook.com/whyintervention/?ref=br_rs Highlights The dangers of putting off seeking help Benefits of hiring a professional interventionist Potential pitfalls of an intervention The emotional connection in an intervention Why families should support an intervention The dangers of getting emotionally involved in a person’s struggling life What the “concept of contrary actions” means Misinformation in interventions The bias and lack of understanding surrounding interventions Different types of family dynamics Why you should address the problem head on Four most common obstacles to getting treatment Call to Action Schedule a Call Free Resources Review, Subscribe and Share If you like what you hear please leave a review by clicking here Make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast so you get the latest episodes. Subscribe with Apple Podcasts Follow on Spotify Subscribe with Stitcher Subscribe with RSS


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