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#63 - 27 Sayings That People Who Get Sober Are Astonished By (Part 2)

Words are powerful, especially during early recovery. Building connections with someone struggling with recovery can either make or break their progress.


For today’s episode, Chris and Danny discuss how behaviors like gambling can lead to other problems, especially to those under the influence. They talk about how being under the influence works and the powerlessness that comes with it.


Chris and Danny also share about the hope and recovery that is possible, even after struggling for years. With the power of transformation in recovery, coupled with connection, words, and encouragement from the people around them, any person dealing with these problems can find themselves on the road to recovery.


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  • Admitting that you are powerless
  • Dangers of getting hooked on casinos
  • The most popular saying of the 12-step program
  • The dangers of relapses and how you can avoid them
  • Why should you take it one day at a time?
  • Overcoming adversity in recovery
  • First things first: Do the next right thing
  • Consequences of not dealing with the problem
  • The power of language on the road to recovery
  • Benefits of attending recovery meetings and 12-step fellowships
  • Identification in AA’s
  • The consequences of not following the directions of a 12-step program
  • The power of words in early recovery
  • Connecting with the person who’s in the deep, dark hole.
  • Stick around for the miracle in recovery
  • Happiness is an inside job


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