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#62 - 27 Sayings That People Who Get Sober Are Astonished By (Part 1)

In the recovery world, it is often said that the first drink gets you drunk. This means that once someone with trouble dealing with alcohol or drugs takes that first one, they are unable to stop. This is because addiction is an illness, and the first drink sets off a chain of events that the person cannot control. This is just one of the concepts people in early recovery need to grasp. 


For today’s episode, Chris and Danny discuss 27 sayings that people who get sober are astonished by. They talk about how these sayings can be impactful and helpful for people in recovery, and how they can also be helpful for families of loved ones with addiction.


The conversation discusses the various things that people in recovery hear that are helpful to them. These things can give insights into what is going on in the mind of a loved one struggling with addiction. The conversation also points out that addiction does not have to define a person.


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  • The most powerful things that impacted Chris when in the process of recovery
  • First step in recovery: Understanding the "One is Too Many" principle
  • Dangers of relying too much on alcohol
  • How quitting can change your life
  • Going through a 7-day detox
  • The power of positive sayings in recovery
  • When is the right time to strike a conversation during an intervention?
  • Why is it so hard to quit?
  • Dangers of denial: Why accepting your situation is crucial for your loved ones
  • Importance of seeking treatment
  • Dangers of enabling an alcoholic or addict
  • Benefits of running as a part of the treatment
  • Ways that people approach recovery
  • Importance of replacement in alcohol recovery
  • How revealing your secrets can help you heal
  • What to expect with Part 2

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