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#61 - 5 Case Studies To Give You Hope That You Can Help Your Addicted Loved One

Chris and Danny discuss multiple ways families can get help for their loved ones, some of which are outside traditional norms and expectations. They talk about how the podcast is the best way to get information out to families and how it is helpful for families with loved ones who need intervention. They also share their plans for the future and how they hope to help even more people in the coming years.


In addition to this, Chris and Danny also cite the various interventions they have conducted over the past year and how these can be helpful for families with members who are struggling. They describe how interventions can be used to preemptively take action to help a loved one get treatment, and how in some cases, an intervention may need to be more urgent.


The Why Intervention Podcast is aimed at helping family and friends feel supported and encouraged that recovery from addiction is possible, for themselves as well as their loved ones. You'll hear how to affect positive change in their life and help your loved one begin a successful recovery. Host Christopher Doyle shares his insights, talks with experts and interviews people who have gone through recovery.


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  • Benefits of listening to the Why Intervention Podcast
  • Intervention options for your loved ones who need help
  • The importance of urgency in getting an intervention
  • Why should you start and ask for help?
  • Family’s role in intervention 
  • Various ways on how you can help a loved one
  • Difference between a 12-Step Program and a more formal intervention with families involved
  • Tips for a successful family intervention
  • What is it like hiring a professional interventionist?
  • Selecting the right treatment center
  • Success stories of going on interventions
  • What you need to know if you’ll send a loved one on a treatment center
  • Dangers of relapse in recovery
  • Options for dealing with a loved one’s abuse problem
  • Intervention or family coaching: Which one to choose?
  • The power of family dynamics in recovery
  • Magic words for seizing a moment of clarity 


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