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#58 - How a Parent Can Help a Drug Addicted Child Through Better Communication with Cathy Taughinbaugh- Episode 58

It is difficult for a parent to know that their child is dealing with addiction. With the many misconceptions surrounding addiction which can prevent a parent from helping their child’s substance abuse, you might wonder “What can I do?”


Christopher invites Cathy Taughinbaugh to talk about her CRAFT program. She shares that as a parent, you can deal with your kids struggling with addiction through better communication by saying the words that they want to hear in order to take the right actions. According to Cathy, it’s a judgment call oftentimes for parents. Always remember: It’s different for every family, what works for others may not work for you. 


The Why Intervention Podcast is aimed at helping family and friends feel supported and encouraged that recovery from addiction is possible, for themselves as well as their loved ones. You'll hear how to affect positive change in their life and help your loved one begin a successful recovery. Host Christopher Doyle shares his insights, talks with experts and interviews people who have gone through recovery.


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Show Notes

  • How Cathy became aware that there’s something going on connected to substance abuse. - 1:54
  • An experience when she was surprised, but at the same time, she’s trying to minimize things trying to figure things out - 4:51
  • Initiating an intuitive conversation with her daughter. - 8:08
  • Next steps she made after the conversation. - 10:32
  • What drew her to become a certified parent coach? - 13:04
  • What parents are missing. - 19:44
  • The conversation and communication pieces are big. - 22:07
  • Mom’s role with a child dealing with addiction. - 26:40
  • How did she come to an understanding of drinking responsibly? - 27:50
  • Tactics she’s practicing and teaching others when it comes to the communication piece for better communication. - 32:35
  • Part of the program where parents are struggling with the most. - 35:59
  • Can the program address getting better at being able to take those actions? - 41:09
  • Where to contact Cathy and how to get free resources - 52:27 


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