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#50: Is Love All You Need To Crumble Your Loved One's Addiction?

What’s a family’s role to a loved one who’s dealing with addiction? Chris and Lisa discussed the family’s involvement in healing from addiction. Making the phone call can make a big, significant change, especially since 90% of people with addiction don’t get help for it as it’s a general thinking for others to help them once that person hits rock bottom. They also discussed the misconceptions about addiction, treatments, and going to rehabs. There’s always an intervention: love as the first method is a much better route than the threat of jail time.


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Show Notes

  • Introducing Lisa Badgley. - 0:37
  • Looking back: How Lisa started in the treatment field - 1:49
  • The key benefits of having an interventionist. - 4:35
  • Intervention is so important because you’re involving the family as the greatest support throughout the process, helping a person who’s struggling. - 8:51
  • When did Lisa first start working with families? - 11:03
  • Feeling helpless and not knowing what to do. - 14:46
  • When it comes to addiction, the reaction from your loved ones depends on your reaction. - 19:08
  • Advice to families who are hesitant to make the first phone call. - 23:35
  • The person with addiction can’t put the shovel down. - 28:49
  • The minute you get some red flags and you think someone is in trouble, make that phone call. - 33:57
  • What’s love’s first process? - 41:27
  • If you don’t believe that there’s a way out of this, like your loved one can’t get better, then they won’t. - 55:22
  • Make that phone call. Don’t wait until that person is a hundred feet down. The earlier you do it, the easier it is to get it done. - 57:44
  • How can people connect with Lisa and make that phone call? - 58:28


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