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#47: How to Tell If Someone You Love is Addicted: 30 Questions (Part 1) - Episode 47

Chris and Danny share 30 questions you can ask yourself to find out if your loved one has an addiction. They discuss some cases for each question and how to react to each of them. 


The Why Intervention Podcast is aimed at helping family and friends feel supported and encouraged that recovery from addiction is possible, for themselves as well as their loved ones. You'll hear how to affect positive change in their life and help your loved one begin a successful recovery. Host Christopher Doyle shares his insights, talks with experts and interviews people who have gone through recovery.


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Show Notes

  • Is your loved one addicted or not? - 4:35
  • Identifying your own fear - 9:40
  • Do you worry about your loved one's addiction? - 14:57
  • Does the person refuse to talk about their drinking or drug abuse? - 16:47
  • A natural human tendency - 24:44
  • Identifying an addiction - 31:50
  • Have you ever been embarrassed by a person that is addicted? - 32:35
  • The getting help process - 38:37
  • Understanding and identifying addiction - 39:25
  • The problem is when the person cannot see that there is an addiction - 44:17
  • Your job as a family member - 53:06
  • How to help people with addictions - 53:43
  • Will you feel guilty? - 55:22
  • Experiencing anxiety and tension - 1:00:40


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