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Episode 36: Helping an Addicted Loved One With Other Disorders

Uncategorized May 31, 2021

Dr. Adena is a pharmacist, researcher and mother. She shares her professional experience as well as her personal story with helping an addicted loved one with other disorders.

The Why Intervention Podcast is aimed at helping family and friends feel supported and encouraged that recovery from addiction is possible, for themselves as well as their loved ones. You'll hear how to affect positive change in their life and help your loved one begin a successful recovery. Host Christopher Doyle shares his insights, talks with experts and interviews people who have gone through recovery.



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Show Notes

  • Dr. Adena’s background - 1:13
  • The opioid crisis -  2:00
  • Opioids and heroin - 4:11
  • Trying methadone - 6:50
  • Make sure you’re taking care of yourself - 9:11
  • What it takes to recover from addiction - 13:56
  • Her piece of advice - 15:42
  • Feeling the unconditional love from God - 21:14
  • Reaching out to God - 22:19
  • Wanting to help your loved one - 24:07
  • A story about a loved one that was using drugs - 27:39
  • Keeping the love and having forgiveness - 29:19
  • Having bipolar disorder - 34:35
  • Her experience being a coach - 43:46
  • Finding one on one coaching and helpful tools - 44:01
  • What is our biggest fear as a family member - 46:00
  • Helping families feel supported - 57:09

If you're struggling with addiction in a loved one, recovery is possible. Book a free Clarity Call and let's discuss how we can get your family on the road to recovery. 


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