The DEBBIE Method is the Least Confrontational, Most Comfortable, No Ultimatums Way to Get Your Loved One Excited to Live Life Substance Free.

My mom got me sober when I was 17 years old. Now, with over 20 Years of Personal and Professional Experience- I know How she did it. And I want to share it with you.

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For years we wrestled with my son’s active addiction and alcoholism and watched him suffer. No matter how we pleaded, punished or threatened nothing worked. Chris helped me see that when my son was ready he’d seek help. Chris guided us in getting him to treatment. His guidance and advice helped make the process of getting help for my son smooth and thankfully, quick. I didn’t feel alone through a very painful and frightening time.


Chris will guide you in the most professional manner with guidance from an expert. It will make your entire experience tolerable even pleasant because he understands completely. He is very compassionate about his life service and I feel blessed he was there for me at that time. Thank you Chris


What surprised me the most was that his method worked. My nephew is on his way to one year of sobriety this July! Working with Chris was easy - because of his calm, cool, authoritative demeanor. He instilled confidence in all of our family intervention participants. He prepped us all - we were prepared for everything & anything.


Don't wait. Chris can give you insights that you need. As the family of the person with an addiction we are often blinded because of our love.  The insights into what we need to do are impactful. I felt like Chris was truly engaged and cared for our son's success and our success as a family.  We are truly grateful.


I guess what surprised me the most was all the answers to my questions. He really enlightened me on how I handled how I felt about my daughter’s problem and also how I communicated with her. He helped me change my approach and my out look on the disease which proved to be extremely impactful. I would recommend this service to anyone. What does anyone have to lose. If it fails, they are in the same spot as when they started. In my case, so far all things look positive. I’m so appreciative of this program and Chris. 

EARLY Access To The DEBBIE Method Program Launch